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Key Pointers to Consider in Machinery Servicing

Commissioning machinery servicing is one of the most important decisions that a facility manager has to make. If done correctly, the process will ensure operational efficiency in your site, keep industrial machinery in optimal condition, reduce costs associated with repairs and replacements, and help maintain safety in your workplace. And when done improperly, it will not only waste the money you invested in it, it will also negatively the quality, safety, and cost efficiency of the solutions and applications that you need to deliver. So if you need help in streamlining the process so that you get the results that you need, consider these pointers.


Choose excellent professional help

Even if your operations feature highly technical people who have had a lot of experience with handling machinery maintenance and servicing, it is still better to commission the guidance of an experienced outsider. This is because there are certain technicalities that are best handled by a professional servicing and maintenance company, owing to the specialised knowledge that they possess, as well as the more comprehensive suite of resources that they can draw from.

When choosing, vet the scope of the experience of your candidates by looking at the number of years they have spent in the industry and the types of industrial machinery servicing and maintenance projects that they have assisted in. Also, check the specific skill set of their team; some companies can only work with certain types of equipment, while others are trained to handle a wider set of machines.


Keep comprehensive records 

It is also important that your facility inculcate the habit of properly documenting everything, from start to finish. The specific measures that were implemented during a certain servicing, for instance, should not just be logged; your documentation should include the exact duration of each process, the team or individual that was in charge of each process, and the results of each process, among others.

Scheduling should also not stop at defining the periods for the servicing. It should also take into account the operational factors that should be managed, so that industrial machine repairs can go smoothly. These include the number of hours that a machinery has logged.


Stay educated 

Finally, commit to a proactive approach to staying informed about any new trends or developments that are specific to your suite of machinery, as well as in your industry. Operator training, for example, must be procured every time there is a change in your team or facility conditions.


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