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Top 3 Steak Cuts

For cooking tasty and flavourful steak, it is essential to have the right piece of meat. Steak cuts can be any piece of meat that can be defined as "fast cooking". Those pieces of meat do not have a lot of connective tissues so it does not take a lot of time to cook them. Meat pieces for roast and steak are very similar, the main difference is the portion of meat.

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Following are some cuts that are used for making the best steaks:

1. Porterhouse

Porterhouse cut of meat makes great steaks. This is because you can make two types of steaks from this piece; one side can be used to make a large filet mignon and the other side can be used to make a New York strip. This piece is relatively thicker and consists of lots of tenderloins. So, this cut can easily be pan-fried, sautéed or broiled.

2. T-Bone

This piece is named after the "T shaped bone" and has a very similar appearance to the porterhouse cut. This steak cut has a relatively less amount of tenderloin section. This piece is considered best for broiling and grilling. But when cooking this piece, you have to be careful as meat near bones takes more time to cook properly.

3. Flank

This is one of the most commonly used cuts of the meat. As compared to other steak cuts it is a relatively lean piece of meat. If you are making steak with this piece it is better to marinate and tenderize it for a few hours before cooking it. 

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