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Refusal To Give Notary Service

Let me first come right to the point and state that, a notary shouldn't deny or decrease notary services to somebody with the excuse that they "just conduct mortgage work." Get more details about notary service via https://www.visatec.com.au/notary-public-services/ .

Refusal To Give Notary Service

I am referring to people who got their notary commission so that they could work as Notary Signing Agents. It's as if they're saying, notarizing for the general public isn't worth their while. It is not as profitable. Why should they do something for which they will only get a few dollars per signature and a travel fee?

In my view, this is discrimination. It's just like saying that they will accept an assignment from a title company, but they won't serve the general public.

The Secretary of State doesn't commission notaries so they can only work for title companies so that they can "just conduct mortgage work". Notaries public are commissioned to serve the public. 

Discrimination against anyone who presents a legal request for notarization isn't an acceptable policy for a public commissioned to serve each the public equally. Additionally, such discrimination can provide the basis for complaints and lawsuits."

The situation that I am referring to is a notarization I did for a woman on Sunday evening in Manitou Springs, CO. She called me in the day but had to await her mother to push down from Denver. The record was a 'Durable Authorization for Individual Representation'. It was a totally legal petition.

She called me first, but once I told her what I charge for traveling, she said she would create a couple more calls. She called me back. After I had finished the notarization she stated that all the other notaries she predicted declined since they "only conduct mortgage work".

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