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Raccoons, A Problem To Solve

A raccoon is often referred to as a"bandit" because of the dark, mask-like shading over its eyes.This species is highly intelligent and a capable forager that will readily cohabit near us to take advantage of our resources. That’s why they easily come in residential houses and make a big damage. To get rid of this animal we always prefer animal removal services. For example Los Angeles wildlife removal services.

In captivity, this species averages a twenty-year lifespan, but in the wild, less than half of the babies reach one year old because of food shortages or viral diseases and three years appears to be the maximum life expectancy.

Despite these figures, raccoons are common throughout North America and are viewed as pests in many regions due to their destructive natures, hearty appetites, and the existence of rabies in their species.

Raccoons are known to be social creatures that frequently live and forage together from within a frequent hierarchy. Related females will often live within a group and several unrelated men will stay not too far away in tiny packs commonly composed of three or more.

It is thought this behavior is shown to fend off rival males during mating season, but it also grants the chance to readily find new sources of food and shelter. This species has shown great intelligence when faced with a complicated situation, and studies have revealed that the raccoon will remember individual problem-solving techniques up to three years later

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