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Finding Wholesale Products Using Salehoo

Although Salehoo is the most popular source of wholesale contacts, WorldwideBrands has been around for much longer and has many more products for sale – so why is Worldwide Brands not more popular and what exactly does it offer?

Both Salehoo and Worldwide Brands are directories of about 8,000 wholesalers and drop shippers, although Worldwide Brands has about 15 million products compared to Salehoo’s 2.5 million.  They both come with extras such as access to tutorials, forums, support, and product/market research tools.

Where they differ is in two key areas: the price of membership and the number of products.  As I’ve already said, Worldwide Brands has many more products, but it’s also worth pointing out that is costs much more – at least at first.

The membership fee is $67 per year for Salehoo but for access to Worldwide Brands there’s a $249 fee for lifetime access.  So while Salehoo starts off cheaper, it works out more expensive as the annual fees add up.

So although Worldwide Brands is larger and in the long term cheaper, it’s the initial large fee for access that I think puts a lot of people off.  Paying out that much, even with the 30 day money back guarantee, seems like quite a risk – which a lot of people are clearly not willing to take.

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