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Things To Know about Diabetes Tests

Diabetes testing means evaluating blood sugar levels by a medical laboratory. The timing of the sample will itself determine that how high or how low is considered abnormal.

There is always a possibility that the sugar level of a newly diagnosed diabetic comes out in the normal range. In this case, blood sugar test is repeated or a glucose tolerance test is suggested. If you want to know more about diabetes tests then check out this source: Home – Lincoln Diagnostics, LLC.

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The following are the tests used for diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes-

Fasting glucose test

The fasting blood glucose test is used to measure the sugar level in the blood after you have gone at least 8 hours without eating anything. If you want to have your own Diabetes test then you can pop over to this website.

Oral glucose tolerance test

A glucose-containing beverage is given to the person whose glucose levels are measured and a series of the blood test is carried out to know the pattern of glucose levels. This also determines diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Random test

In random plasma glucose test the doctor checks the sugar level regardless of when you have taken your last meal.

Urine sugar test or home glucose testing if came out positive means that there is an urgency to consult the doctor but it came out negative, it does not exclude the chances of diabetes.

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