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Follow The Best Travel Tips To Enjoy Bohol Island Tourist Activities

Bohol Island is one of the first island destinations in the Philippines that draw in end numbers of tourists and visitors every day. Good thing that you can select to glide from Manila directly to Bohol or fly to Cebu and take the fastest craft to Bohol and spend only 2 hours of sea travel. Decision is totally yours.

There is another option, you can contact the best travel tour operators and pay only 60 dollars for countryside Bohol island day tour, covering the standard tourist preferences and then spend the other days sprawling in a tropical haven, get a tan, have a spa and have the final vacation.

Bohol is very Small Island which is situated in the middle of Visayas. It is pretty famous all around the world for its geologic natural wonder; the Chocolate Hills is also a home of the world's minutest primate the Tarsier and offers great spots for diving and swimming.

There are roughly 1200+ little hills that dot the Bohol countryside in the town of Carmen.

These hills are very opulent and covered with flora especially at the time of rainy season that dries up during the summer leaving behind brownish hill mounts which offer the look of small chocolate kisses, hence the source of the name for Chocolate Hills.

If you like this article and feel like visiting this amazingly natural wonder island, well you certainly made a great choice.

In addition, tourists can look out for Chocolate Hill’s complex where you have to climb around 214 steps to the top for a costly view of the almost uniform hills. Entrance to the complex is less than 2 dollars.

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