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When to Hire a Database Developer

Databases around the world are getting more and more complicated, growing at a vast rate of knots, and as users we are asking for faster response times, accessibility, and greater flexibility with our systems.  This is all well and good but are our database developers up to the task?

There is an increasing trend in which companies are relying on their application development teams to both architect and maintain the company databases, presuming that their rudimentary knowledge of SQL Server, for example, will suffice in getting the best from their software and hardware.

The feeling is that a database developer is an unnecessary overhead when the company is small and headcount is critical and then, as time passes, the database may slow down and become clunky but this is deemed “acceptable and expected” because “SQL Server is known for being slow” and therefore more hardware is thrown into the mix.

Finally, when the existing developers have lost patience, a SQL Server Database Developer is sought and tasked with the impossible…  turning around a fundamentally broken system.

At this point a good database developer will do an outstanding job, turning around performance and reducing hardware costs.  But the underlying issue will always be there and it’s simply bandaging over a larger issue, likely involving a new architecture, a complete re-write of both front end and database code in order to allow the database to comfortably and performantly scale year after year as the company grows but, sadly, at this stage the cost can be large as such an undertaking requires developers, contractors, even consultants to partake.

Luckily this can all be avoided, if you invest in a good Database Developer from the start then you avoid all the long term costs and issues.  And if this really is beyond your budget then consider some SQL Server Training for your Application Developers instead to bring them up to speed and allow them to get your systems up and running with a solid, sturdy, performant and scalable database until such time as headcount allows you to expand.

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