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What’s The Best Way To Keep My Dog From Jumping the Fence?

We thought we had the perfect set up for the new dog we brought home from the shelter. We already had a really nice chain link fence in great condition. We installed a big doggie door in our back door that led out into the fenced yard. We wouldn't have to worry about taking him for walks. He wouldn't bother our neighbors and we wouldn't have to have him neutered because he would stay safe inside his own domain.

Well, we were wrong on all those counts. First of all, he was big enough that he taught himself how to climb up and over the back yard fence. Every time we turned around we were having to go pull him out of other yards and drag him back home. Our closest neighbor became the proud owner of seven puppies thanks to the help of our dog and their lovely female collie. Cute pups, but we didn't need more dogs!

I knew there had to be a solution somewhere, so I started looking for some way to keep our canine Romeo in his own yard and stop romancing our neighborhood female dogs. At Doggy Bakery I discovered that with a little electric wiring along the top of our fence, we could keep him from getting out. It was not that expensive and it was easy to have installed. Finally, no more chasing a hormone crazed dog all over the neighborhood.

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