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Is Genetic Engineering Harmful For Humans?

Genetically modified organisms have been seen as alternatives to the world's rising food problems. However, before everybody believes all the hype regarding the genetic engineering advantages, they should have a better look at the other side of this coin.

Ever since genetically modified crops and animals were seen as the response to getting a more bountiful harvest and having sturdier plants and animals. Some farmers do appreciate the benefits of GMO crops, but the world can't turn a blind eye to the numerous failures of genetic technology.

First of all, GMO security is a lie. While companies like Monsanto may assert the mutant varieties of creatures and plants are safe, reports that milk coming from cows injected with RBGH causes cancer or this Roundup-ready alfalfa may taint the meat and milk of cows demonstrate that GMOs aren't as safe as they're promised to be.

Roundup, a weed killer utilize by gardeners, landscapers, and farmers alike has been found to cause cancer. Roundup have led people to many different allergies and disorders. If you are facing the same problem then you can file a  Monsanto roundup cancer lawsuits.

GMO plants can cross-pollinate with other plants and when farmers continue to use the pesticide-resistant selection, the world may soon see more and more weeds that are just as resistant to pesticide and pests as the altered crop.

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