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What is Property Inspection?


Property inspection is when professionally trained, qualified and experienced individuals are allowed to evaluate and inspect buildings such as houses or shops. The inspection carried out is non-invasive,and these professionals can only inspect a property on client’s permission. Inspection helps provide all the information to the client about the property before it is purchased.

Inspection of a property doesn’t mean that the building will be dismantled. The inspector makes sure the condition of the building stays the same after the inspection. If there’s any damage to the building while inspecting, then the inspector is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. The inspector needs to cover the accidental damage via insurance.

Property Inspection is divided in to 3 parts.

1. Visual Inspection – Client and the inspector need to come to an agreement before the inspection starts. At the site, it helps clients to understand more about the unfamiliar property before it is purchased. The inspection lasts for around 3hrs and clients must take part during the inspection.

2. Inspection Report – During visual inspection, a client can ask additional questions about the property. In addition to this, client can ask for written report about the property for more detailed information.

3. Post-Inspection Resource – After the delivery of the written report, client can still ask the inspector for more information about the property. The inspector is a valuable resource even after the client moves in to the new property.

Building inspections in Melbourne have professional inspectors to help you to buy your dream property. 

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