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Legal Marijuana in Los Angeles – Busting the Myths of Medical Cannabis

There are lots of myths regarding the consequences of marijuana. Of all of the ones that you've heard, just how many came from a trusted source?

1. Pot is addicting.

False! Marijuana isn't addicting. Medical studies have proven nicotine, alcohol, and even caffeine to be more addicting than bud. Compare this to the medication OxyContin. You can buy best clones for sale in Los Angeles through web sources.

2. Pot has a negative impact on health.

There are hundreds and hundreds of deaths every year from assorted medications approved by the FDA. Interestingly, there are ZERO reported instances where marijuana was recorded as the reason for death.

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3. Even though it does not result in death directly, marijuana compromises your immune system.

This claim is based on an evaluation conducted in 1980, saying that white blood cells changed slower in response to risks when subjected to THC. Ever since that time, these effects haven't been able to be reproduced.

4. There is no medicinal use for marijuana.

Quite the contrary! Research is presently being conducted to check its impact on Alzheimer's disease.

5. Legal bud will probably likely be abused/illegally sold.

The thought of banning a medication because others are going to abuse it's preposterous. Medicines like sleeping pills and pain medicines are abused every day, yet are marketed over-the-counter.

The stigma relating to this medication isn't right, and has to be reversed, for the interest of patients who may benefit from it.

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