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Potential Causes of Wet Basements


These are some of the causes you should know about wet basements.

  • Groundwater – Heavy or seasonal run-off can cause the foundation to get flooded. This can also occur due to constant water seepage.
  • Gutters – Excessive rainfall, clogs and improper installation can cause gutter to overflow. Sudden thawing of frozen gutters can also cause damage to the basement.
  • Not Enough Gutters – Depending on the area, there can be heavy rainfall, and hence, proper size of drainage system is required to prevent run-off and flooding of water.
  • Downspouts – Not only do downspouts need to be long enough, but also need to deposit the excess water far away from the house to prevent flooding.
  • Improper Landscaping or Grading – The grading of the ground surrounding the landscape needs to ensure that the run-off goes away and not towards the house.
  • Sprinklers – The sprinkler system needs to be placed at a good distance away from the house to prevent the water entering the basement.
  • Condensation – Cool weather and high humidity cause condensation to take place on the pipes. The condensation can drip on to the walls and in to the foundations causing damage.
  • Internal Water Leaks – Sometimes the pipes are passed through inside the walls of the house. If these pipes develop a leak or aren’t installed properly, they can cause flooding inside the walls.

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