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How to Stop a Dog From Digging Under Fences

Maybe you think you have tried everything under the sun to keep your dog from digging their way to freedom underneath your fence. What is the point of having a fence at all if your dog still gets away? Once they figure out that with a little digging they can get beyond the confines of their yard, they will likely never stop trying.

What if you could keep your existing fence and add a new layer of protection that would definitively keep your dog from digging their way out? Well, there is. An invisible dog fence system can be a perfect solution to keep your dog in their own yard once and for all.

An invisible fence that is made by companies like PetSafe, can be just what is needed to prevent your dog form ever reaching the fence line where they dig out. An in ground system made by a company like SportDog can help keep your big dogs from reaching the fence line too.

All you need to do is visit sites like doggybakery.org or others and find out all of the specifications you need to meet in order to choose the perfect invisible fence system for your yard and your dog. It will eliminate the need for constant monitoring your dog when that is what you have a fence for in the first place.

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